F. A. Q.

Do you guys sell kegs?

Of course! Please click here for more information on keg sales.

Do you fill growlers?

We do not currently sell growlers on site, but we are happy to fill any cleaned growler you bring in.

Do you sell gift cards?

Gift cards are available for purchase from our Durham and Chapel Hill stores.

Do you sell cider/wine/gluten free products?

We have a wide selection of wines and cider available, and gluten free beers.

Can I bring outside food into the bar?

Yes, but bartenders may try to steal fries.

Do you allow kids/dogs?

Yes, as long as they’re trained.

Can I bring in an outside alcoholic beverage for a bottle share?

Yes, but corking fees may apply. Ask your bartender or call ahead for details. Please note that opened beverages from other establishments are not allowed per ALE regulations.